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I have a dream.

I have a dream that gamers will see video games as they are: attention sinks.

The most scarce resource we will ever have, is our attention.

Our brains are constantly working to optimize our attention, by focusing on things that we can work on. But video games block this process, by distracting the brain, hijack the attention, and train the gamer to avoid life's problems.

Once people become aware of the scarcity of attention, they will be able to invest it more wisely, and begin to work towards a better future.

The dream isn't about being happy all the time.

Sometimes life feels bad - but a life without pain is a life without meaning, and thinking about video games all the time isn't a life at all.

The dream is that no matter how bad things feel, you can still control your behavior, anticipate happiness in the future, and work towards long-term goals.

Spend time accepting the pain, realizing that you feel pain for a reason, and commit to decisions that will make life better.

Instead of being overwhelmed with negative thoughts, or acting out on impulses-

Observe your thoughts, and filter them out, realizing which thoughts are helpful.

I have a dream that young people can realize how long-term goals can grow happiness.

We need to make our future selves happy.

We need to make the people that we care about in life, happy.

Instead of playing video games before going to sleep - I dream that people will instead smile and think about how the future they're working towards is gonna be great.

I have a dream that all gamers with any dignity will leave the genre, just to regain ownership of their attention (and invest it in a better life).

We are just on the start of a long journey of curing gaming addiction, thanks for being part of it!