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What is QuitLoL all about?

What is life about? Why are we here on this Earth?

The goal of quitLoL is to provide a bit of "healthy culture" that the gaming community is currently lacking.

It's hard to explain it, without experiencing it yourself,

But when you play video games too much,

Your brain changes shape,

Which affects your attention, how you feel,

Your life's values, and how you plan your day and your future.

This could be actually catastrophically bad for you, your wellbeing, your career, and your potential future children.

The goal of quitLoL is to be a tiny oasis on the internet, where young men and women who are starting to wonder, "Well maybe gaming isn't actually solving any problems in my life?" can come, and get some ideas to try to make life better.

QuitLoL is less about hating gaming, but more about hating how gaming damages the brain, we believe it's 100% important that people always make their own decisions and then live out the consequences.

We hope you find something useful here, thanks for stopping by!