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Could Riot Games Be Controlled by Aliens?

I know what you're thinking:

"Anybody that ever talks about aliens is just making stuff up, because there isn't any verified information about aliens visiting Earth."

This video honestly just opens up a lot of weird possibilities.

But the truth is, the pentagon actually spent millions of dollars to figure out what these UFOs were. Here's a link to Washington Post article about how these aircraft seem to be way beyond our technology.

Of course it could all be some sort of hoax or malfunction.

Or there's another possibility: it's all real, and the invasion has already started.

Why would aliens even want control of Riot Games?

If you visited another planet, and you had advanced technology, maybe you'd set up a video game that seems innocent - that the entire world would start playing and become obsessed with.

It provides an opportunity to take away our free will, enslave our minds, and prepare us for more menial labor they are planning.

Or maybe it's some kind of distraction - because if people are preoccupied with a video game, they won't be thinking about planetary defense?

This telescope is pointed the wrong direction, it should be pointed at Riot Games headquarters!

Let's just assume for a minute that Riot Games is a company run by extraterrestrials. What could we even do about it?

If they are trying to collect some kind of game data - you could sabotage their efforts, by wandering around the map aimlessly, and feed yourself to the jungle creatures. In theory this could mess things up?

I mean you could avoid the game. But that's boring. (Oh, but what if aliens use boredom to their advantage??)

I don't know guys, what should we do about this?