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How to Apply Strategies Learned from League of Legends to Real Life

Just because LoL is a video game, doesn't mean it won't teach you anything.

Sure there are a lot things I probably should've been working on instead, during my 1700+ hours of LoL.

But there are a lot of things that made a huge difference when gaining rank in League of Legends.

And they are also easily applicable, and effective, in real life.

The most important thing you need to become the best, is raw determination.

Most people might give up after a few games, when they realize how many different things you need to pay attention to, how fast you need to react, and how much skill you need to play your champion correctly.

Determination means you will ignore all other pleasure, and will accept extreme pain, to become better. Determination means giving up time spent with friends or other hobbies, to dedicate more time towards winning.

It doesn't matter where you start in life. Raw determination outscales everything else.

Because determination is the thing that accelerates you towards becoming the best.

It is essential to periodically reflect on how you can improve.

Who does your main champion win against? Who do they lose against? When should you focus on getting more CS vs helping out the rest of your team?

Even if you play 40 games a week, you're wasting your time unless you reflect on how you're doing.

When do you perform best? How do you play at different times of day, with different patterns of sleep, with different diets, exercise, or routines?

The same goes for every project you've ever worked on. You need to spend time - after each session of effort - reflecting on how you can do things better.

Sometimes it's best to focus on practicing more, sometimes it's best to do more research.

You can only grow so fast when you're working as hard as you can, reflecting on your progress, and maximizing your performance with diet, exercise, and routines.

You need to take breaks and read about how other people are doing things. Because there are so many other people in the world, there are always millions of people who are so much better at literally everything you are trying to do.

Google is your best friend. Spending a few hours searching for answers can save you weeks of trouble.

If you want your team to work hard, you need to give them a reason to try hard.

Team sports are so much different than individual sports.

When working on your own, it's most important to keep track of where your attention is, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and where to direct your effort.

When working in a group, it's much more important to keep the team chemistry strong. Because if you don't give them a reason to work hard, it doesn't matter how hard you try, because you can't make up for it with your own performance.

Noticing when your teammates do well, keeps them excited.

And when things look bad, just saying something hopeful can give them some energy to hold on for a while longer.

"Don't worry I'm best late game, we'll recover around 35 minutes"

When your rank is low, you need to ignore the haters.

This is also true in life. It is easy to feel insignificant when you are trying something new. Trust me I know.

But sometimes it's worth it to keep pushing on, just to see if maybe there is potential to do some good in the world.

Thanks for reading!

I'm trying to grow a community of young people who are transferring their raw determination from League of Legends into new passions for a better life.

I just started this website again in November 2018, hoping to rebuild the audience we had in 2016.

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