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How to Refocus Onto Things That Matter

Video games manipulate and destroy two essential functions of the brain: attention and fulfillment.

  1. When you play video games for hours on end,

  2. When you give the game 100% of your focus,

  3. When you let it control how you feel,

  4. When you don't let yourself feel satisfied about the rest of your life,

  5. When you let yourself feel satisfaction from winning the game,

You're letting a computer program hijack the way your brain determines what you should feel good about, and what you should focus your attention on.

alt text

Video games disrupt "fulfillment" and "attention" areas of the brain.

Normally, our brain creates rules in our heads, which helps us remember when we should feel good, and what we should focus on. This helps us feel satisfied being normal and functioning people.

Video games short-circuit the rules in your brain, by telling it over and over: "If you just focus more on the game, you'll feel better, keep focusing your attention on the game!"

If you feel like this is your problem, then maybe you could try fixing it like I did: focusing on life values.

Focus your attention on how you feel about your most important life values

Below is a list of values that most people relate to and find important.

The best thing you could do, is to make a priority list to see which of them are more important, and which are less important.

Then organize your time so that you are working on them as much as possible.

Don't give yourself even a spare minute to think about playing video games. They will just hijack your attention again!

alt text

Life Values #1: Improving your work and your abilities

  1. Doing meaningful work
  2. Learning and developing abilities
  3. Being independent and self-sufficient

Everyone feels better becoming more self-sufficient, and it feels good to always have some work you can focus your attention on if you feel bad.

alt text

Life Values #2: Strengthening relationships with people important to you

  1. Being in an intimate relationship
  2. Feeling close to our siblings and helping each other out
  3. Being a good friend for others
  4. Having a good relationship with your parents
  5. Being involved in the community in some way
  6. Making the world a better place

The key here is that we are all dependent upon each other in some way. And so it is natural to have strong feelings and feel connected to people in our lives. Strengthening these relationships helps reprogram your brain and makes you feel good again.

alt text

Life Values #3: Maintaining your mental and physical health

  1. Getting physically fit
  2. Working on your diet and health
  3. Living out religious principles you believe in
  4. Meditating
  5. Becoming more mindful

The brain is made of chemicals - and so if you eat well, the chemicals will work better, your thoughts will be more controlled and more accurate, and you will improve much faster.

Additionally, when you take time to practice being aware of your surroundings and your body, your mind gets better at controlling your attention. Once you get good at it, it feels really good to meditate every day, and I really notice being more happy and mindful compared to days when I don't meditate.

Religion is something deeply personal, and can be an extremely powerful positive force in someone's life. Even when obstacles appear that would seem impassable to other people, deep beliefs can create powerful motivation.

alt  text

Having life values that you truly believe in are extremely powerful tools.

Spending just five minutes a day thinking about which values are important in your life, can actually be a really powerful way to heal your unhelpful thoughts and behavior.

You will improve your life much faster once you stop depending on a video game to feel fulfilled. It might not feel good at first, but after about two weeks, the brain adapts and things get better.

Focus on what you want to live for.