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How to Use Logic or Emotion to Win at Everything You Do

Are you someone who primarily uses logic? Or are your someone who relies more on their feelings? The most successful of us, can engage either logic or emotion when the situation calls for it.

Your feelings are much more powerful than logic. The right use of logic, however, can easily control your feelings.

But if your logic fails, or your emotions fail, life becomes unpleasant. Video games might make you feel powerful emotions, but they do this by manipulating your logic.

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Champions are capable of performing at a high level because every day when they wake up, their feelings are in the same place: becoming the best.

Winning is when you have your feelings pushing you HARD in the right direction, and then using logic to work out the details.

Defining your values is a great way to figure out what's important in life. Once you feel strong emotions about your values, motivation will come easily, and you just have to use logic to figure out how to make it all happen.

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Playing too much LoL can make it really difficult to enjoy doing anything else. Life values just don't seem as important if you play video games for hours every day.

I find meditating on my values and why they're important, and making sure my strongest feelings are focused on my values, helps me feel motivated.

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Sometimes it's important to trust your feelings, sometimes it's important to trust your logic.

Your logic or your feelings can be wrong at any time.

But if they disagree with each other, it's simply a matter of thinking things through:

  1. If you feel like something is not right - apply your logic. Ask yourself: What is wrong? Is there something I need to be worried about?

  2. If your logic tells you everything is going to be fine - check to see if your feelings are actually focused on fulfilling your values. Sometimes we can feel artificially good for the wrong reasons.

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Life is a balancing act. The goal is not to make everything perfect, but to just make it better than it used to be.

Becoming a winner takes time and effort. But it's not the end goal that is enjoyable, it's working through the suffering with the hope of becoming a champion that feels really good.