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Ten Truly Fulfilling Things To Do Besides Watching Worlds

Life feels best when you are using your attention properly - that is, you are working towards something that will make you fulfilled, and you are improving your life according to your values.

Instead of watching people who have spent so many hours playing video games, that they do it professionally, why not realize what really matters, and focus on what's actually important to you, that you can't live without?

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#1: Make a list of things to get done

The reason that people get addicted to video games is because it makes their brain shut off. Well, the same benefit happens when you are busy working! It just takes a small amount of planning beforehand, and you have to realize why your work is important to get motivated.

#2: Plan your week

Planning your week not only helps you get more things done, but it relieves stress, and lets you organize large chunks of time better.

#3: Plan your goals for the next 6 months

What is really important to you? Planning out six months to a year helps you set long-term goals that are really essential to boost self-esteem and make you feel confident about your future.

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#4: Work out

Your mitochondria won't work hard for you, unless you train them. When you push yourself to your limit, your body begins to adapt, and over time, your metabolism becomes more efficient. This feels good.

#5: Connect with nature

Spending time outdoors relieves stress like nothing else.

#6: Eat more vegetables

I never appreciated vegetables when I was younger. Now that I'm older, I realize that even though they still taste like dirt, I like the taste of dirt now.

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#7: Learn Javascript

Javascript is still taking over the web, and anybody can make a site just like this one! It's really not hard at all, and quite enjoyable!

#8: Learn to play a musical instrument

Personally I've played piano my whole life. Playing an instrument helps train your brain to focus, it feels good, and sometimes I think it inspires creativity.

#9: Go to the library and read a new book

The good thing about reading, is that if you are a stupid person (maybe like me sometimes), if you read enough books, you can bring up their ideas later on in conversation, and it makes you seem smart!

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#10: Sleep

Last and most importantly, get more sleep! If you don't sleep 8 hours per night, and you have the opportunity to get any more rest, then always take that opportunity!

Koalas know best!