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The Power of Storytelling

Sometimes it can be useful to realize how our brain works. Because once you understand it, you can use these "brain hacks" to think and feel better.

In order to perform well in this competitive world, our brain creates stories.

Story-creation is unconscious and instantaneous. Our brain takes in information through our senses, fits it all together into a neat storyline.

We then look at the storyline, and decide how we should feel.

After we have feelings, we enter a period of "deliberation", where we weigh different feelings and thoughts, and try to figure out how to invest our behavior to improve our feelings.

This is pretty much the entire experience of being a human.

The story you create determines everything about how you think and feel.

Most people stay in the state of "deliberation" for their entire lives. Always juggling conflicting stories, always struggling to figure out how to feel better again.

But what if they "hacked" their brain? What if they interrupted a process that occurs BEFORE these "feelings" set in?

All they have to do is believe in a few fundamental rules - which subtly alters how the brain perceives the world.

By doing this, they can completely change the way they feel and think, and instead, feel totally different about life.

3 Rules to Create a Powerful, Motivational Story:

  1. Your future is determined by you alone - and progress is only made when you put forth effort, energy, endurance, and a smart strategy. The real question is: how long can you keep your mind motivated before your body makes you stop?

  2. Never feel sorry for yourself, or shift the blame to anyone or anything but yourself. Take responsibility for everything that has ever gone wrong. Let's be real, when we fail, we all know it's our own fault - and the sooner we accept this, the sooner we can do better next time.

  3. Negative feelings are distractions that only weak people pay attention to. Everyone has negative feelings all the time - the difference between people that succumb to these feelings, is that the weak people pay attention to them. Use your attention to focus on your goal, and you will feel stronger.

What rule do you follow to create more powerful stories?