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Video Games Might Make You Feel Good, But Sometimes, You Shouldn't Trust Your Feelings

Everybody knows video games are exciting and make you feel good. The way video games do this, is pretty simple: they capture your attention, and let you experience a world where you can win easily.

You win easily because the rules are always well-defined, and all you have to do is practice and work hard, surrender your attention to the game, and you will feel like you're winning, over and over.

In video games, you never have to think about your past, weigh how different experiences made you feel, or contemplate what's most important to your future. You just figure out how to win the game, because that's what it takes to win, and winning feels really good.

Your feelings are based on what you are paying attention to.

If you're paying attention to the wrong things, your feelings are guaranteed to lead you astray. The problem with regulating your emotions by playing video games, is that, sometimes it's important to feel bad.

Feeling bad helps you realize that there are actions in life that are risky and cause a lot of damage. After you make a bad decision, you're supposed to learn your lesson and become motivated to work hard to gain back what you lost.

This is the process everyone goes through, in order to define their character. Life is meant to be full of ups and downs. Nobody makes movies about people playing video games, because the movie would be extremely boring. Life is supposed to make you feel good and bad, depending on your success towards the different things you care about.

Pay attention to the values that you decide are highest in priority.

You can prioritize them using the tool on the home page.

In real life, things feel bad all the time. And you will probably lose a lot before you start getting better.

But at least your priorities aren't being designed by Riot Games - your priorities are being designed by what you decide is most important for your future.

I hope you choose the right things.